Speeding the Pace of Innovation in Genetic Therapy

With every new genetic therapy developed, comes the promise of a cure.

That’s why at Genezen, we’re committed to helping companies bring their new genetic therapies to market, faster. We offer contract viral vector testing, Phase I and II clinical trial support, and the business services support to make sure your clinical trial is thorough, and your processes and results meet FDA regulatory standards.

There are many laboratories that offer contract viral vector testing. But only Genezen can bring the expertise of the multiple vector production and research laboratories, such as the Indiana University and the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, two organizations that have been pioneering the way in viral vector technology for 20 years. In fact, our founder, Dr. Ken Cornetta, was developing viral vector technology at Indiana University as early as the 1990s. When you work with our research teams, you can be sure that your testing will be done in state-of-the-art laboratories, by experienced researchers with a deep understanding of the promise of genetic therapies.

Genezen has master service agreements with each of the institutions we work with. Through these standing working agreements, Genezen can help you fast track your project, and offer you full-service support that will turn your early and mid-stage trials into a turnkey operation. To schedule a consultation, contact us.