Genezen is committed to bringing the world more and better gene therapies.

Founded in Indianapolis in 2008, we help companies from around the world study their new genetic therapies, and get them in clinical trial. Our goal is to make the study of gene therapies efficient, accurate and frictionless for the companies that hire us, while taking advantage of the expertise that exists in the nation’s leading research institutions.

We believe the future for genetic therapies is bright. We always have. In fact, our founder, Dr. Ken Cornetta, has been working in viral vector production and testing for more than 25 years. We have parlayed his decades-long experience with genetic therapy, as well as the experience of his team, to build Genezen. As our clients’ needs have grown, we added the research team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, which has also pioneered many therapies over the years. If a client is in need of larger lab capacity, Genezen can also purvey the services of additional labs, if needed, keeping them under our clinical guidance. When our clients work with us, we believe their collective experience gives them a level of perspective and detail that is unparalleled in the contract biologics manufacturing industry. laboratory workers experimenting different liquid in flask conta

Genezen is designed to be the bridge that connects those who invent new genetic therapies with the resources they need to build and track their Phase I and Phase II trials. As many in our industry already know, obtaining working agreements with a university lab can be time consuming, and grow your legal fees substantially. We eliminate this step through our master service agreements with our partner institutions. Our full suite of services allows our clients to rest assured their viral vector processing and testing will meet the highest standards.

Genezen is led by Bill Vincent, himself a biotech entrepreneur and career research scientist. He creates the contracts, sets schedules, assembles resources and works as project manager for all Genezen’s clients.

Let us take your vector process from discovery to Phase III trial, with efficiency.