The Cornetta Laboratory at Indiana University:
The goal of the Cornetta laboratory at Indiana University is to serve as a national resource for gene therapy work. Its research focus is on using viral based gene transfer as a means of introducing genetic sequences that will correct mutations and ameliorate disease. The lab includes the Indiana University Vector Production Facility that was established in 1995 with the goal of generating clinical gene therapy vector products. To date it has certified over 30 products for Phase I/II trials. laboratory workers experimenting different liquid in flask conta

The production facility contains three production suites that are dedicated and optimized for gamma retro lentivirus.

The Cornetta laboratory has published extensively on release testing to meet FDA requirements. It is currently the NIH/NCRR National Gene Vector Biorepository for the NCRR ( and the lentiviral production site for the NIH/NHLBI Gene Therapy Resources Program ( It is currently developing novel vector pseudotypes for transduction of hematopoietic cells. This work includes vector modification and novel large-scale production and certification methods. In addition, the laboratory is evaluating novel non-integrating vectors for use in cell re-programming. Finally, the laboratory has been evaluating high-throughput sequencing technology for evaluating lentiviral and retroviral integration sites analysis in collaboration with the Center for Genomic and Bioinformatics in Bloomington, IN. This includes development of novel publically available bioinformatics tools to facilitate analysis of integration site studies.

• Repository for clinical trial samples and preclinical toxicology sample archive
• SeqMap Bioinformatics tool for insertional site mapping
• cGMP Safety Testing Services
• Vector titering
• PCR and qPCR assays