Expedited & Exact Discovery Services

Genezen offers available capacity and expert viral vector production services needed to advance your gene therapy project efficiently to the clinic. Our experienced, connected team of professionals is prepared to develop a tailored process to best meet your needs at any stage—from developing your production process to streamlining your GMP manufacturing and release testing.
Process Development
  • Optimization at any stage

  • Easy scale-up for faster production timelines

  • Ability to improve reproducibility and predictability

  • Commercial production planning

  • Assay development, including:

    • Lentiviral Reverse Transcriptase

    • RNA and biological titers

GMP Vector Production
  • GMP grade production of viral vectors

  • Adherent cell capability for up to 70L production

  • Proprietary suspension 293T cell line for up to 200L LVV

  • Higher throughput and state-of-the-art equipment

  • Lentiviral vectors, Retroviral vectors, Master cell banks, and AAV

  • Potency: Biological titers and transduction efficiency

  • Safety: Sterility, endotoxin, RCL testing (Extended and PCR based)

  • Identity: Vector insert stability

  • Stability: Vector stability studies

  • Residual testing: Benzonase, Host cell DNA and Plasmid DNA

Cell Manufacturing
  • Genetic modification (transduction)

  • Expansion, differentiation

  • Product cryopreservation

  • Enrichment or depletion of specific subsets

    • Stem cells and immune cells



For more information on our services, contact us at info@genezenlabs.com or submit this form.


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