Genezen offers efficient and reliable production of viral vectors for gene and cell therapies. Our production platform utilizes single-use technology for maximum product quality in our state-of-the-art cGMP facility. Our manufacturing and fill-finish capabilities will serve your production requirements from pre-clinical into clinical production.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Viral Vector Platforms
Production Process
Large Scale Production Platform

Lentiviral Vectors

  • Adherent transient transfection

  • Suspension transient transfection

  • Producer cell lines

  • Cell stacks and fixed-bed bioreactor

  • Stir-tank bioreactor

  • Fixed-bed bioreactor and stir-tank bioreactor

Retroviral Vectors

  • Adherent transient

  • Producer cell lines

Roller bottles

Adeno Associated Vectors (AAV)

  • Adherent transient transfection

Fixed-bed bioreactor

Mammalian cell banking and certification capabilities across all viral vector platforms


Genezen offers contract process development, GMP viral vector production, transduced cell manufacturing, and testing services by leveraging inhouse capacity combined with the expertise of the nation’s leading academic vector production and research laboratories.


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